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We are not going to worry about those in this document.

HTML consists of a simple set of commands, interspersed with the text, that are indicated by being within angle brackets -"." To see some examples click on the view menu above and click "Page Source." Scroll down past the unintelligible stuff until you see this very text.

Notice that there are numerous examples of HTML commands prior to the text, but fewer commands within the text itself.

The command you will see most often with the text is the command which indicates the start of a paragraph.

Some content management systems that I recommend are: What if you have been asked to update an existing website?

If you have the username and password try using the FTP instructions in this manual.

If you are not my client, a student, or a charity and find this document useful please make an appropriate donation or select one of the web hosts I recommend since I get an affiliate fee.

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Also many links are indicated with buttons or menus or even dynamic menus.

What if you have been asked to update a website and you do not have the username and password?

Then you need to contact the company that is hosting the site and/or the administrative contact.

Sometimes one of the contacts will be at the hosting company.

Typically the hosting company can only send the password to one of those contacts so if none of them are current you will have to prove that this is your site.


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