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So to recap, Nvidia cards have both proprietary Ge Force drivers and open-source nouveau drivers.AMD has proprietary Catalyst drivers and opensource Radeon drivers.Intel, which offers integrated graphics processors on its newer processors, provides completely open-source drivers, although its integrated graphics chips are not powerful enough to compete with the dedicated graphics cards of AMD and Nvidia.Although Nvidia only releases a proprietary Ge Force driver, the Linux community has created its own open-source driver called nouveau.However, the caveat here is that its driver software isn't opensource, which leaves many Linux users frustrated or forced to compromise.AMD's driver support lags behind Nvidia in terms of gaming performance, but AMD's graphics driver support is friendlier to open-source, as it offers both a higher-performing, closed-source Catalyst driver and an opensource Radeon driver.The hunt for gaming performance on Linux is a constant and ever-changing challenge.The market for discrete graphics cards has become dominated by the two graphics giants: Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

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This can lead to severe problems when the system reboots, so the solution here is just to run the command again separately: $ sudo nvidia-xconfig . The driver can be updated as you see fit by either running the command again or going to the Nvidia website and downloading and installing the new one.Intel provides an open-source driver that's included in all Ubuntu installations.Now that you have a brief overview of the drivers available, let's get to work installing the right one for you.In Ubuntu, the nouveau driver is the default for any new user.In theory, it's a great feature because it's open-source.As Linux becomes more user-friendly and game developers add Linux support, the biggest question – outside of what physical card to buy – seems to be graphics driver performance.


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