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Disclaimer: I do not own Supergirl or anything to do with DC. You just said so.""I did." Clark admitted."So, so why is this different? " Kara protested, then after a pause added, "It's just... she wants Supergirl.""This can't be just about what she wants Kara." Clark interrupted, "You know that.""I do, but..." Kara protested, "But everything she said she liked about Supergirl, she...

She had then quickly changed into her superhero costume and spent about an hour flying around the city.

Besides, most of our meetings have taken place in this office, so I thought it would be appropriate." Lena unnecessarily explained as she sat down in one of the chairs nervously and confessed, "You know, this was the fourth table and chair set they brought me. In fact I almost threw it away entirely before you arrived because I worried it was too much. Which is good in business, but not so good outside of the office.""Tell me about it." Kara smiled softly, and relaxed a little at finding some common ground, "I spent like all day today, and all day yesterday, trying to clear my head. it's not all about you." Kara nervously admitted, crossing her arms."I know, I was just flattering myself." Lena smiled, then after a beat asked, "First date with a girl? I can't imagine ever not being captivated by what you're saying." Lena smiled, taking another sip of her drink before adding, "Besides, you don't need to worry. " Kara insisted, then sighing and taking a long sip of her drink as she tried to figure out what exactly to say. I, I guess it's because this relationship, whatever it was before, whatever it is now, is new. I felt like I'd found my genie, made my wishes, and suddenly I had so much. ""Well yes, but I meant Hans." Lena said, and then when Kara gave her a look admitted, "Okay, perhaps that's a bit harsh. ""Yes, but..." Kara began, then briefly hesitated before continuing, "Like Arial, I'm not exactly human. And sometimes I feel I can't speak, because I'm afraid what I'm going to say. Kara nodded, and then after a pause asked, "Why didn't you tell Kara you like Disney movies? ""A super cute Disney dog." Lena beamed."I'm still not sure that's a compliment." Kara smiled, before becoming solemn as she got up, "I-""Have to go?

I still sent it away and saw about four more before deciding this was the best. Normally flying around or just talking to someone does the trick, but this time, not so much.""I make Supergirl nervous? ""Yeah." Kara said softly, before confessing, "And first date as, you know, Supergirl.""Really? Then when the other girl nodded followed up with, "I imagine you get a lot of offers.""Yeah." Kara admitted with a blush."Lucky me." Lena grinned, making the other girl blush even more, "What made you decide to break the habit.""I don't know..." Kara mumbled nervously, which she instantly knew was wrong thing to say, and it wasn't even really true, so she quickly answered honestly, "I mean, you're special. I would never share any information like that."Kara smiled, "I know.""Besides..." Lena continued, taking another sip, "While I have so many questions, I already have some of the answers. Ultimately she went with, "It's not because you're a Luther. Everyone else who knows has known for what feels like forever. Like Aladdin, I had a good heart, but I felt like I was living a lie. The face of the company I was never supposed to inherit. You're just misunderstood.""Plus, now I have the perfect Anna." Lena added with another smile."What, me? But while he's been nice enough on the brief occasions that I've seen him, there seems something... And the stories that Kara tells me about him aren't exactly flattering.""No, he's... "Without hesitation Kara beamed, "The Little Mermaid.""Oh, how funny..." Lena smiled, "That's Kara's favourite movie too.""Yes, well..." Kara stuttered for a second, taken off-guard, "I'm sure that's a lot of people's favourite movie.""I'm sure." Lena said dryly, before casually adding, "Kara said it was her favourite movie because, like Arial, she wanted to grow up and enter the adult world, and find herself her Prince. "Lena smiled, "Because she talked about them with such enthusiasm I knew it would be the excuse she needed to insist on the movie night she's been trying to talk me into for the past few weeks. I know." Lena nodded sadly, "I'm surprised you haven't left already.""It's a robbery in progress, and the police are already there." Kara exclaimed, "From the sounds of it I should have just enough time to say goodbye."As she said that last part Kara slowly got up, and then suddenly found herself rooted to the spot. And Kara knew how dates were supposed to end, but could she do it?

She was expecting to find Lena still working, as she often did at this early hour of the evening, but instead she was waiting in a long, elegant dress, which probably cost a fortune, and Kara was taken aback by just how beautiful her friend was.

She had always known of course, but to see her standing there, waiting for her, waiting for their date to begin, it kind of took Kara's breath away."Supergirl." Lena beamed as the kryptonian landed."Ms Luthor." Kara greeted nervously."Please, I've told you before, call me Lena." Lena insisted, unable to resist a sly smile as she added, "Anything else at this point would be inappropriate."Kara blushed slightly, "Lena it is.""Excellent." Lena smiled, before nervously asking, "Did Kara tell you why I wanted to see you?


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