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Thomas of Canterbury, an order of hospitallers for the service of English pilgrims.It seems to have been made dependent on the Hospitallers of St.George, which he pretended to trace to Constantine the Great.In 1632, Balthasar Giron, who called himself an Abyssinian, brought to Europe an order no less ancient, that of St.Hospitaller Orders Lastly, there are the purely hospitaller orders whose commanders, however, claimed the rank of knights though they had never been in battle, such as the Orders of St.Lazarus of Jerusalem and of the Holy Spirit of Montpellier.With these may be connected the Order of Our Lady of Ransom ( Nuestra SeƱora de Merced , also called Mercedarians ), founded (1218) in Aragon by St. Including religious knights as well as religious clerics, it was originally considered a military order, but dissensions arose and each rank chose its own grand master.

The Greater Regular Orders The great military orders had their origin in the crusades, from which they retain the common badge of every order of knighthood -- the cross worn on the breast.

Louis was supposed to have founded on the eve of the crusade to Tunis where he died (1270), nor of that of the Argonauts of St.

Nicholas, attributed to Charles III, King of Naples, 1382.

Almost at the same time there arose in Castile the Order of Calatrava and in Leon the Order of Alcantara.

Military/Hospitaller Orders Contemporary with these purely military orders, others were founded at once military and hospitaller, the most famous of which were the Hospitallers of St.


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