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"You bastard, what have you done to her." They came together those two women so different physically but joined somehow at their souls. "Rob, may I speak to you...apologize," she said softly through the door. "Please, please, I'm so sorry," she said the tears flowing over the wool shirt I had put on. By the fifth of October, Karen had taken a leave of absence from the State through the year's end. There was a new engine that was totally experimental. It might even have worked, but we did not fully take into account Avril and her and our families.Teamed with a beautiful royal blue and lace Catherine Walker coat, Carole certainly matched the style bar set by her daughters in Mc Queen and Suzannah.Jane's hats cost an average of £350 to £500, which is quite the investment for something you might only wear once or twice, but we’re sure we don’t need to explain the delights of a bespoke couture hat.The pair joined the Duchess of Cambridge, who looked elegant in a cream ruffled suit by Alexander Mc Queen and a £755 bespoke Jane Taylor hat, and other members of the royal family including Prince Harry and the Queen, for the event, which was attended by just 22 people.The majority of the duchess' hats are bespoke and the work of some of the UK's biggest millinery names, among them Phillip Treacey and Nerida Fraiman, who also makes hats for her nieces Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. Before dawn, we had been hurled from the deck of the USS Eisenhower. I was to go over the last details and be back in time to see the first planes off. As the sun came up, we were traveling beyond the speed of sound at twenty plus thousand feet. The momentum carries the plane forward, but not for long. We built the apartment and rented it for a while till our finances improved. It had at the front, a cathedral ceiling with a substantial sleeping loft built in. Even those who intend to live apart," she said in a scolding tone. "Circumstances have overtaken me," I said trying to put some sarcasm in my voice. The most belle woman who loves you is sleeping alone with her own bad dreams in the same house," she said as she walked down into the living area. It takes me a few minutes to make the coffee as I do I watch her. Not black and bitter like some barbarous American man," she says with a hint of laughter in her voice. If she had only these looks, but she was so much more. When I arrived on that first weekend in this awful uncultured ALL-BAN-ee, there was a blanket of grief and fear hanging over this lovely house. She hurt my pride by showing me her limitless love. The work was allegedly secret, but how could any project that had already been worked on by thousands of engineers and scientists be held entirely confidential. It was the speed that gave her the efficiency that and light weight. Something told me that my work might have been why I lost Karen to Philippe. The grandmothers were next Aimi Lefebvre, who was eighty-one, Avril's mother, and then there was the grande dame Sara Marie-Pascale Du Monte. A tall, slender woman who was the center of any room she entered. It was built to make the house appear to be in the ornate Italian style rather than the original Greek classical. "The dormer windows look so small from outside, but I could stand in them, and you are right the river view is breathtaking," she said. Bigger than our house in Mont Royal, but far too much for two people. We must talk," she said turning to look me up and down. Such men should not sleep alone with their nightmares," she said. " "Now you think me a fool," she said sitting down at the table, "Coffee would be nice as we talk." "I should throw her out," I thought she is dangerous, but how absurd for a man to be afraid of so small a creature. "No coffee this morning, we have serious things to discuss," she said. She has the skin, they say peaches and cream, and the big magical brown eyes. I could see how bright their love burned, and there were the wonderful small boys to care for. She had bested me, touched my heart, and taken away my anger. "No need," I said, "Avril explained it all." We sat in the strange half sofa, my son had left when he moved to Chicago, her leaning into me. There was only one problem it never got close to the eighty figure. The University was ecstatic because the contract was huge. She sucked in air and burned fuel faster than any engine ever made. She was a fine distraction, but I tried not to love her. The hidden life, they had, was a part of her that I would never have. I felt that Philippe had rendered me second that what Karen and I had would never equal what she and he had. The trouble began with the arrival of the daughter Simone. They were all happy to see Aunt Karen they knew her well.

I had no sister, but now I had one and two little boys to share with my daughters. Karen will always be my sister as Philippe will always be my husband. I came that day with her picture to share with Karen. I had not gone near our former bedroom since the painting of Karen had arrived. "I want you to stop hating my poor Philippe, who can no longer defend himself." "What makes you think, I hate him? A woman so perfect, tall and blond with that hint of red in her hair. All the grief and the loss she had suffered overcame her. Pulled that confident mask from her face and shown the vulnerable woman who lay beneath. She had real courage and was more than a match for a man who had only mere physical courage. Let her cry against me as I stroked her head like a child. Her head rested on my shoulder while her tears dampening my bare chest. I retreated up the stairs naked to my heart and troubled to my core. She tried to explain once again, but I stopped her. If successful it would allow a plane to reach orbit, it had eighty thousand pounds of thrust. It would come to seem that I could not escape these women and, therefore, could not escape Philippe Du Monte. The husband soon turned up and then her sister Suzanne with her husband and two kids.Perhaps the biggest difference between us, that I notice, is that where you are shy, I am not. We could have done something, but we were too Catholic to live with it. The sex was extraordinaire still, but there was roving in his eyes. He did not abandon his love because it was inconvenient or difficult. They were all there to celebrate Thanksgiving in October, the Canadian feast, and to support Avril in what was becoming her life's work, gaining Philippe the recognition she felt he deserved. The grandmothers took over the two-room guest suite on the second-floor front with its small bathroom. The cousins took over the parlors sleeping on the couches.Jane Corbett first shot into the spotlight when her beautiful blue-grey creation appeared atop the head of a very proud mother of the bride two years ago at the royal wedding, perfectly complementing Carole Middleton’s duck egg blue Catherine Walker outfit.Since then, the Duchess of Cambridge herself has chosen Jane Corbett’s designs for no fewer than four royal engagements, including last year’s Trooping the Colour Ceremony and the Duke of Edinburgh's 90th birthday celebrations. It seems more than a man should be asked to handle," I said. The exhibition was taking place in New York City first and then was slated to tour nationally.


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