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Don't miss out on another year of living life to the fullest, following the Lord and experiencing what your true heart desires by hanging onto something.

Establish what "it" is in your life that needs to be sold, eliminated or changed, and follow him.

This isn't just a new calendar on the wall or a numerical change in a date.

It is an opportunity for transformation, a chance to do away with improper behavior (or sin) and a time to have a revolutionary year, and I suspect most of us wouldn't mind "something new" this year.

Whatever may be stymieing your growth or plans (no matter how small it may seem), what "non-resolution" could be better than to leave the "old" where it belongs so you can move into the "new"?

What We LACKWhen many of us first heard or read this verse, we probably flinched. In order to follow Jesus, I had to sell everything I had and give the money away?

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Aside from the end of another Christmas season, the start of a new calendar and thoughts of warmer weather comes the realization of unmet hopes, dreams and expectations of yesteryear, and the apprehension of having to make new (or "re-gift" old) ones.And how do we "deal with" the inevitability of hopes and dreams which don't come to fruition this year?It's a daunting endeavor, but in this two-part series I will address how we can try to make a difference in our year, how not to view it (and life) as just something to "get through," and how to live it in a way that honors the Lord in an Ephesians 4:1 sort of way.Instead of making resolutions and trying to attain them, let's Paul spoke this to the Corinthians about a new life in Christ by no longer thinking and doing what they were accustomed to, but to change their actions in order to live according to God's ways and purpose.Today, we can use this to inspire us to re-evaluate our relationship with him, our actions toward others and the path we are walking.This passage may be literally speaking to some of us, needing to rid ourselves of all worldly possessions, however, there are likely other areas in our life Jesus want us to free ourselves of. Is it leading you toward Christ or "astray" from him?


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