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The first is one that most people who live in the town know....[tags: Ghost Stories Urban Legends] - This story was told to a friend of mine by his father.[tags: Ghost Stories Urban Legends] - The Ghost Story of Haunted Roads The story of a haunted road in comes from a resident of the city. The “late hour” previously mentioned is noteworthy since it affected the way the urban legend was told.There were four of us in a diner, eating at a time when most restaurants had been closed for hours already....[tags: Ghost Stories Urban Legends] - Ghost Story of a Hell House The legend that I collected is a popular local myth about an old building and its resident out in the woods near the story's location.

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This friend is a twenty-year-old junior, majoring in finance and accounting.[tags: Ghost Stories Urban Legends] - Landon House: Urbana, Maryland Urban legends and ghost stories play an important role in society.Supernatural and “uncanny” events are evident in the folklore of every culture.His father, his younger brother and he were on a road trip and my friend and his brother asked their father to tell them a story to help them pass the time.My friend does not recall what his father said about where he heard the story from, but it goes more or less as follows: Once upon a time (chuckles), there were two brothers....[tags: Ghost Stories Urban Legends] - The Sacrament Dog The modern ghost story has become a sort of rite of passage in American culture.


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